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Family law attorney Oklahoma

What is Oklahoma family law?

If you are looking for a family law attorney in Oklahoma, you are most likely facing legal issues involving legal matters concerning marriage, filing divorce, fighting for child custody, arguing for child support, establishing a guardianship or adopting a child.

You need a family law attorney in Oklahoma?

The family law attorneys at Ritchie, Rock, McBride & Atwood Law Firm will assist you with any legal matter concerning family law in Oklahoma. Learn more about different family law matters below.


Divorce in Oklahoma

A legal dissolution of marriage is commonly called divorce. If at least one of the parties has been a resident of the state of Oklahoma for at least 6 months, you are able to file for divorce in Oklahoma according to Oklahoma divorce law. A few of the many things you will have to keep in mind during a divorce are property division, child support, custody and alimony/spousal support. A family law attorney in Oklahoma will help you navigate all the legal challenges involved.

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Child Custody in Oklahoma

Child custody covers the legal and/or physical custody of a child and is often tied to divorce cases. There are three different types of child custody which can be awarded in the state of Oklahoma: Joint custody, sole custody, and shared custody. Child custody decisions must always have the child’s best interest in mind. A family law attorney in Oklahoma can help you resolve child custody disputes and consult you on how to win custody of your child.

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Guardianship in Oklahoma

Guardianship matters are often complex legal matters, which can become more complex when there are disagreements over who should serve as the guardian. A judge will determine what is in the best interest of the individual who may need a guardianship to protect and take care of the person in need of care. Having an experienced family law attorney who understands the Oklahoma guardianship laws is imperative when establishing the guardianship for a minor child or adult.

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Grandparent Rights in Oklahoma

Grandparents do not have a constitutional right to see their grandchildren. Fortunately, Oklahoma has a statute that may allow for court-ordered visitation. An experienced family law attorney in Oklahoma can help you understand your legal options as grandparents.

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