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Business – Corporate Law

Business Law is a broad area of law. It covers anything that has to do with the creation, management, transfer or the conclusion of businesses. Below are commonly encountered issues that business owners should be aware of in order to properly protect and manage their business. Choosing a Business Type If you have a business, […]

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Real Estate Law

The attorneys at Ritchie, Rock, McBride & Atwood have extensive experience in real estate law including real estate transaction law and real estate litigation. The firm’s attorneys have been involved in hundreds of private real estate transactions involving the sale, lease, and development of real estate. The firm’s experience base includes the drafting and negotiation […]

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Eminent Domain – Condemnation Law

The Basic Principles Private property rights are fundamental principles to our governmental structure of government of the people by the people and for the people. When the Framers of the United States Constitution put ink to paper private property rights were one of their paramount concerns. Eminent domain, also known as condemnation, refers to the […]

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Property Line Disputes

Property line disputes which are disputes over the location of property lines and fence lines arise frequently. Our firm has dealt with a huge variety of these matters. To name a few: driveways that encroach over a property line houses that actually encroach across a property line trees overhanging a neighbor’s property that have caused […]

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property line disputes

Construction Defect Disputes

Claims and disputes arise frequently in the context of construction projects. For over 25 years the Ritchie, Rock, McBride & Atwood attorneys have been involved in representing both clients and contractors in construction-related claims and construction defect disputes. The process of construction, renovation and remodel projects of residential and commercial properties is a complex process […]

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Wills – Trusts – Estates

General Overview The subject of wills, trusts, and estates all involve the planning and execution of the transfer and management concerning assets of a person who has passed away to the remaining family and other beneficiaries of that deceased person. A will is a written document executed by a person who sets out the person’s […]

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Criminal Defense

Criminal Law involves a wide variety of crimes from a misdemeanor traffic violation to a felony. If you have been charged with a crime, you need to know your rights and the process of the criminal court system for your criminal defense. Whether you are wrongfully being charged with a crime that you did not […]

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DUI – DWI Defense

Driving Under the Influence (DUI), is a charge that should be handled differently than most other criminal charges. The reason it should be handled differently is it affects both your criminal record and your driver’s license. DUIs are handled both the judicial system and through the Department of Public Safety separately. Implied Consent Laws In […]

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Family Law

What is Oklahoma family law? If you are looking for a family law attorney in Oklahoma, you are most likely facing legal issues involving legal matters concerning marriage, filing divorce, fighting for child custody, arguing for child support, establishing a guardianship or adopting a child. You need a family law attorney in Oklahoma? The family […]

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Family law attorney Oklahoma

Child Custody

What is Child Custody? A custody award in Oklahoma can be: sole custody to one parent, joint custody, or split custody. Oklahoma does not prefer one arrangement over the other, nor does Oklahoma favor one gender in awarding custody in a divorce. There are two types of custody in Oklahoma. Legal Custody: Legal Custody is […]

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child custody in oklahoma


What are the different grounds for divorce? In modern times incompatibility is the ground for divorce. Other grounds for divorce, e.g. grounds of neglect, abandonment and abuse still exist but they are not generally used and courts discourage their use. No-Fault divorce means people can get divorced regardless of whether a spouse has been at […]

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Divorce Attorney in Oklahoma

Grandparents Rights

Grandparent Rights & Visitation Grandparents do not have a constitutional right to see their grandchildren. Fortunately, Oklahoma has a statute that may allow for court-ordered visitation. In order for a grandparent to receive court-ordered visitation in Oklahoma, a grandparent must show three things: It is the best interest of the child to have visitation with […]

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Grandparent Rights in Oklahoma


Guardianship matters are often complex legal matters that become more complex when there are disagreements over who should serve as the guardian. A judge will determine what is in the best interest of the individual who may need a guardianship to protect and take care of them self. Having experienced attorneys who understand the Oklahoma guardianship laws […]

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Guardianship in Oklahoma