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Rebecca Bauer Foster Parent

What is the best thing about being an attorney? According to Rebecca Bauer it is being able to make a real difference in someone’s life. “My role as an attorney is assisting people in their time of need by accomplishing whatever is needed. Whether it is representing someone in a divorce or custody battle or helping someone being accused of a crime, my job is to see them through their time of need.” Rebecca is a lawyer in Shawnee and the newest addition to the RRMA team. She joined the Shawnee office in September 2020 and the primary focus of her practice is family law, divorce, child custody disputes, adoptions, foster parent advocacy and criminal law.

Rebecca has the law in her DNA, her father was an attorney at Southwester Bell. She grew up in Edmond, Oklahoma, until her family moved to Austin, Texas because of her father’s job. For her undergraduate degree, Rebecca attended the University of Texas. After graduating college, Rebecca enrolled at the Western State College of Law located in Fullerton, California. After her law school graduation, Rebecca moved back to Oklahoma and was admitted to the Oklahoma Bar in 2010.

Oklahoma is her home of choice

Although Rebecca’s family still resides in Austin, Texas, she chose to make her home and work as a lawyer in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Upon being admitted to practice law in Oklahoma, Rebecca came to work in the Pottawatomie/Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office. “While working in the District Attorney’s Office in Shawnee, I came to realize that Shawnee felt like my home. I quickly made many friends and involved myself with non-profits that had great meaning to me.”

Rebecca serves on the non-profit boards of Hope House and previously served on the board of Project Safe. Both of these non-profits primary objectives are dealing with child advocacy and domestic abuse. “I chose to work with these two non-profits because they are on the ground floor of dealing with an underserved population that desperately needs our help.”

Foster Care is her passion

Since 2015, Rebecca has welcomed several foster children in her home. Most of the children she has had in her home, were reunified with their biological parents or went to live with other family members.

Rebecca Bauer Family Law Attorney Shawnee

Rebecca Bauer with her niece and nephew

When Rebecca has free time, she enjoys traveling and attending University of Texas football games. “My family and I have been tailgating for the last 25 years with the same group of friends rooting our Longhorn onto victory.” In addition to her love of college football, Rebecca loves to travel. “I have been blessed to experience the joys of traveling the world. Some of my favorite trips have been visiting Paris, France, and Florence, Italy.” Rebecca looks to continue traveling the world with trips to Australia and Brazil in the near future.

Rebecca Bauer Dog

Rebecca’s Dog Watson

When not traveling, Rebecca enjoys spending time with her dog Watson. “Watson is the best. He is 100lbs of pure joy!”


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