McBride selected for Federal CJA Training Panel

Chase McBride talking in court

Chase McBride has been selected for the CJA Training Panel and to will begin training to become a private contract attorney with the U.S. Federal Courts under the Criminal Justice Act (“CJA”). Mr. McBride’s training will include courses on various legal issues found in federal criminal defense cases along with training alongside other already qualified federal criminal defense attorneys and assisting them in their cases.

The Criminal Justice Act (CJA) (United States Code: Title 18, § 3006A) provides federal funds for attorneys, experts, and services necessary for the adequate representation of indigent defendants in federal court. These indigent defendants will be represented by a federal public defender or by qualified private contract attorneys.

Once training is completed, Mr. McBride will be required to separately apply to be accepted onto the CJA Panel of Private Attorneys and begin taking federal clients as appointed by the U.S. Federal Courts in Oklahoma’s Northern and Eastern Districts.

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